How to NFT

The book from the founders of CoinGecko, “How to NFT”, is the only digestible reading about non-fungible tokens. It came out in 2021, at the height of the NFT revolution, and is the bible for NFT geeks.  If you want to monetize your modest achievements in the field of solfeggio, cave painting and twine jumps – read on!

Cognitive distortions

Today I want to play smart but don’t worry I won’t let you get lost in an unfamiliar vocab. I’ll do my best to break it down into simple terms and literally draw you a map to stay tuned. 
Let’s talk about cognitive distortions

Cognitive distortions
The dangers of winning for novices

If you entered the market for the first time and luck is magically on your side, that ain’t a good sign at all. Do you wanna know why?

no nerve trading
Market Manipulation Schemes & The Risks of Short Selling

First things first, a little scam alert for ya: nothing stays buried forever. But mostly, anything ditched, eventually comes out. And when it does, you won’t be pleased with a manipulation that directly affects your deposit. 
how these things work, and how to avoid them from happening to you.

Trading Against The Trend

If you have experience trading with the trend and you feel confident, then you can try trading against it. In this case, my advice would be to not open an order for a large amount. It is wise to start with coins that have a significant capitalization (BTC or ETH)

Trend Trading

If it’s your first time registering on the stock exchange, then trend trading will be a good warm-up for your fingers on the trading terminal.

How Money Got Free

like a toothpaste you can’t put back into the tube. Central banks and payment processors have no choice but to understand, accept and befriend it. 
It is the main idea of ​​a fascinating book written by Brian Patrick Eha: ‘How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance’.

The Wolf of Wall Street

So we recommend this movie to our tribe?
To begin with, because it’s like a template that can be applied to any financial market, not excluding the cryptocurrency one.  Everything depicted by director Martin Scorsese was relevant for ‘curbstone brokers’ back in 1987 and still is to Binance in 2022.