How Money Got Free

Bitcoin is like a toothpaste you can’t put back into the tube. Central banks and payment processors have no choice but to understand, accept and befriend it. 

It is the main idea of ​​a fascinating book written by Brian Patrick Eha: ‘How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance’. 

In Letit’s humble opinion, this is one of the most reliable studies on how the first cryptocurrency was created, who were it’s first investors during the development stage, and who was hiding behind the mask of Satoshi Nakamoto.

How Money Got Free

The book is more like a detective investigation than fiction. Patrick Eha is a professional journalist and former editor-in-chief at Entrepreneur. Thus, he had many whistleblowers both from the crypto community and the banking industry. This pretty much explains such a keen awareness of events that took place between 2008-2009.

Although the author did not do without elements of conspiracy theory to attract readers, in general, this is quite a decent non-fiction for those who want to understand the history of bitcoin.

The book describes the events preceding the announcement of the White Book. The errors of “Satoshi Nakamoto” are pointed out.  It is told in detail about the role of Craig Wright in this whole story and about the fate of the mysterious documents that caused a countless number of court proceedings. 

But most importantly, the author gave an explanation of the main reason that makes banks and traditional financial circles stay so frightened, and why they seek to take control of cryptocurrencies.

He also explains why the anonymity of transactions, that regulators like to scare an average person with, is not as dangerous as decentralization.

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How Money Got Free | Book by Brian Patrick Eha – Simon & Schuster

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