The Ascent of Money

Welcome to the world of money! Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot, luca, moolah…Call it what you like. Money can break us or it can make us.

Million Dollar Traders – Reality Television Series

In 2009, the reality show “Million Dollar Traders” was released on UK screens. Viewers could watch Hampstead Capital founder and hedge fund manager Lex Van Dam run an experiment risking $1 million.
never dealt with financial assets before.

millionaire traders
The Wolf of Wall Street

So we recommend this movie to our tribe?
To begin with, because it’s like a template that can be applied to any financial market, not excluding the cryptocurrency one.  Everything depicted by director Martin Scorsese was relevant for ‘curbstone brokers’ back in 1987 and still is to Binance in 2022.