How to NFT

“This book provides an incredibly comprehensive insight into the NFT landscape and is a must-read for anyone trying to stay on top of the frenzy that NFTs are.”

  Joe Grech, Head of Crypto at Chiliz

The book from the founders of CoinGecko, “How to NFT”, is the only digestible reading about non-fungible tokens. It came out in 2021, at the height of the NFT revolution, and is the bible for NFT geeks.  If you want to monetize your modest achievements in the field of solfeggio, cave painting and twine jumps – read on!

The total amount of NFTs sold by the beginning of 2022 reached $13 billion.

It contains all the answers for those who jump up at night in a cold sweat shouting “I could draw such a monkey too!”:

  1. What is NFT?
  2. How to determine the effectiveness of a token and what are “fake NFTs”?
  3. How to create an NFT collection and make money from it?
  4. What types of NFT tokens are in demand on the market and how to ride the right trend?
  5. Which network is better to create them in and can they be moved between blockchains?
  6. Why is emotional resonance and social value in the world of NFT valued more than artistic value?

And many more answers to questions about the NFT phenomenon and the principles of interaction with them.

The world today has relied on digital analogues of unique items. For virtual show-offs. However, they sometimes cost an order of magnitude more expensive than physical items. This is because the Van Gogh painting and the Nike Air Jordan 5 can be faked.

With NFTs that are blockchain secured, this will not work:

  • they can be owned as intellectual property;
  • they can be traded like collectible Chinese vases;
  • they have their own identifiers;
  • they can be divided into parts (which, in principle, cannot be done with physical objects);
  • the history of their creation and resale is stored in a decentralized ledger;
  • they are guaranteed to exist in a single copy;
  • A digital signature of the artist cannot be forged.

But the main thing is that NFTs destroy intermediaries and their commissions. The artist and the buyer now get the opportunity to interact directly.  For artists it’s a huge profit, for buyers – no obstacles to creating their own collection of digital assets that can be profitably resold or marked as personal (for example, unique animated avatars).

Millions of people have already taken advantage of this opportunity, and the total amount of NFTs sold by the beginning of 2022 reached $13 billion.

Do you want to be part of a new culture and new community? Time to get your hands on How to NFT – to learn, mint and sell!

Note: Letit offers an eBook How to NFT  only. Purchasers will receive PDF, ePub, and Mobi versions of this book for download. 

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