You are offered three sets of functions for solving problems on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the crypto market or an experienced player on the exchange. When choosing one of the plans by Letit, you will not only spare yourself a decent amount of daily worries but also relieve emotional stress from watching the charts.

Get 2 months for free with an annual subscription

Compare Recommended Plans

Functions Trial Brave Clever Wise
Simultaneously open Smart orders 1 5 10 20
Archived transaction history last week last month all time all time
AI trend predictor
Mobile app access 1 week
Futures trading (Coming soon)
Standard Functionality
Connection via API keys to crypto exchange accounts
Indicators for technical analysis
Analytical tools
Asset chart display
Order book
List of pairs
The list of active orders, profit calculation
Advanced analytics (Coming soon)
Risk management
Profit factor calculation
Potential Risk Calculation
Calculation of risk taking into account commissions
Calculation of volume with an established risk
Risk limit
Calculation of risk taking into account open positions
Risk management for the period of time
Smart order
Limit & Market orders
Separation of Buy/Sell orders
Stop loss auto move
Pending orders
Partial execution of the volume of the order
AI trend predictor
Recognition of candlestick patterns
Prediction of price movement direction
Search of support and resistance levels
Buy/Sell recommendations (Coming soon)

What do we pack?

Payment per:

year month

Payment per:

year month
  • > The Lists & pair charts
  • > Order book
  • > Trading history
  • > 80+ visual indicators of technical analysis
  • > Drawing tools
  • > Opportunity to trade on several exchanges at once
$475,08/per year -$79,18 $395,90/per year Read more Connect

Payment per:

year month
  • > 80+ TA indicators
  • > Pair charts
  • > Order book
  • > List of your orders
  • > Archived history of your transactions
  • > Analytical toolkit
  • > Opening of positions on several exchanges at the same time
$791,88/per year -$131,98 $659,90/per year Read more Connect

Payment per:

year month
  • > Standard TA indicators
  • > Charts
  • > Order book
  • > History of trades
  • > Ability to trade on several exchanges at a time
  • > Risk management function
  • > Quick smart orders
$3179,88/per year -$529,98 $2649,90/per year Read more Connect