Letit is Saas platform for trading education

Made by traders for traders

Why Letit?

We are more than just software developers. We are traders who went through hell and jumped through fire hoops.

Our total work experience on the market amounts to 15 years. We went from a lemming to a shark and stepped on every landmine that was laid out along the way.

Letit is not just a platform for trading education. This is a jet-propelled spacesuit that will keep your money safe and will not let you face breakdowns or fall to the bottom without a deposit. It will help you to stay intact while others are learning things the hard way.
On our part, we will do our best to ensure comfort and delight, so that Letit takes a place somewhere between your grandma’s pies and the first ever PlayStation.

Risk-free trading experience

No real money, only real data and advanced automatic tools for beginners.

We have all the same that pro traders have

  • > View real-time market data
  • > Analyse the market with charting tools
  • > Indicators and drawing tools
  • > Strategy advise features
  • > Manage and track your portfolio performance
  • > Risk management tools

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Smart orders

Advanced version of the Educational Trading Platform Simulator

Everything is provided:

  • > Create an order in one click
  • > Pending orders
  • > Limit & Market orders
  • > Partial order execution
  • > Separation of Buy / Sell orders
  • > Auto move of Stop Loss
  • > Creating an order with OHLCV chart, order book, trading history & previous orders (coming soon)

AI assistant

An AI-powered, self-learning neural network that helps on a platform for trading education.

Everything is automated:

  • > Analysis of demonstration orders
  • > Candlestick pattern recognition
  • > Search for resistance and support levels on a visible chart

The interface of our educational platform is as close as possible to a real trading terminal

  • > The Lists & pair charts
  • > The Lists & pair charts
  • > An order book
  • > A trading history
  • > Over 80 visual indicators of technical analysis
  • > Drawing tools
coming soon
  • > Virtual portfolio
  • > Mock trading data
  • > TA indicators
  • > Graphical charts
  • > Mock order book
  • > Record of simulated trades
  • > Analytical tools
coming soon
  • > Advanced TA indicators
  • > Multiple chart types
  • > Depth of the order book
  • > Historical trading data
  • > Automated risk management tools
  • > Advanced smart order routing functionality
coming soon



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Our mobile application is already in development to be always up to date with economic news

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