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What is a trading journal?

Letit Tracker is an online application for improving trading results on financial markets. Accounting and analysing trade transactions helps to make informed investment decisions. Useful for traders of all levels of competence.

Trader's Journal automatically collects, stores and systematizes trading history to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of strategies. A clear and convenient tool for meaningful and productive trading.

Safe: API keys are read-only
Profitable: Make optimal decisions, multiplying profits
Profitable: Cash-back from 10% of exchange commissions

Why do you need a trading journal?

All your records must be kept – this way you won’t end in debt
  • Regulate your behavior on the stock exchange
  • Find pattern-beneficial trading parameters
  • Increase your profitability by eliminating unprofitable strategies
  • Don’t waste time manually filling in tables
  • Control spending on commissions, exchanges and fundings
  • View trades directly on the chart

Cashback comissions

If you track your trades using our app, you will have a chance to get from 10% of your commissions. What do you need to do? Just follow the steps.
  • Register on one of our affiliate exchanges using our link
  • Enter your UID in Letit Tracker
  • Get cashback!
  • In addition, if a user referred by you performs the same actions, you will also receive a share of their commissions

Ai assistant

A unique AI-assistant - to help, guide, and give you a shoulder to lean on. Transferred from the design shop to the assembly shop and will soon be put at your service.

Appreciate our unique features


  • History storage for 30 days
  • 3 analytical widgets
Free Connect
  • All time trading history
  • 4 analytical widgets
  • Priority support
$144/per year -$36 $108/per year Connect
  • All time trading history
  • 4 analytical widgets
  • Priority support
  • Connecting multiple exchange accounts
  • Advanced analytics
$264/per year -$72 $192/per year Connect
  • All time trading history
  • 4 analytical widgets
  • Priority support
  • Connecting multiple exchange accounts
  • Advanced analytics
  • Trend prediction
Only for Letit Club Connect



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Mobile app

Instant access to track and analyze your trades with the Letit Tracker mobile application

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